Samuel Akinbodunse is a Prophet, Doctor of Divinity, Author, Philanthropist, Songwriter, International Speaker, Televangelist and founder of Freedom For All Nations Outreach(FANO), with headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa. He also heads Samuel Akinbodunse Ministries, FanoTV, Samuel Akinbodunse Foundation and FanoFootball Club. Samuel Akinbodunse holds a PHD
Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse is known for his authenticity in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is constantly described as pastor who selflessly devotes himself to fulfilling his God given mandate on earth. Many describe him as a true worshipper and man of prayer. He is a man who has sold himself totally to co-labour with Christ in setting the captives free and raising a generation of believers who are filled with the love and power of Christ.
He is also known for his accurate prophecies on global political and natural disasters. He is a radical deliverance minister and charismatic teacher who is being used mightily by God.
Fondly known as Papa to his congregants because of his nurturing spirit. He has the gift of helping people realize their God-given potential and achieve beyond their perceived imaginations. He is a man who is never intimidated by any challenge, he has an unwavering faith in the God who called him. Whenever God speaks a word to him, he immediately obeys without looking at his limited resources. God always honours his obedience by providing him with resources as he steps out in faith.
Prophet Samuel believes that the family is the most important social unit in building a stable and productive society, and he not only teaches family unity but demonstrates it the devotion that he has towards his wife Eunice Akinbodunse and their children.

Prophet Samuel Akinbodunsewas born on the 4thApril 1972, in Ghana and later moved to Nigeria with his parents. At the age of four his mother was warned by a travelling Prophet that the young Samuel has a call of God upon his life and he should be protected from bales in his polygamous home by being sent away. In order to preserve his life, his parents sent him to live in a missionary home with his paternal uncle Professor OmolusheAkinbodunseof Gospel Faith Mission. He received the Lord at in 1980, at the age of 8 and was bapzed. It was under the mentorship of his uncle that Prophet Samuel was given a solid biblical foundaon in the Word of God and trained in sound doctrine.
Aer finishing his secondary educaon, he enrolled at a technical college to study Marine Engineering, however his studies were cut short when his wealthy father encountered financial hardships. He tried different jobs to make ends meet including brick-laying and soccer. He faced lack and hardship on every front while pursuing his dream of becoming a pilot and migrang to the United States of America. It is during this me that he met Prophet Hezekiah Olajedi, World Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church.
Prophet Hezekiah prophesied to the 21 year old Samuel that he is called into full me ministry as a Prophet. This angered the young Samuel who disliked prophets. He just wanted to be rich and take care of his family. When he told his mother that he wanted to be a pilot, she sharply rebuked him. Although he was not pleased with Prophet Hezekiah’s prophecy, he stayed with him because of the fear of God upon his life.

Prophet Samuel received training from 1993-2002 under the mentorship of Prophet Hezekiah. During this me he overcame family spiritual bales and understood the funcons of the prophec office. It was under Prophet Hezekiah’s guidance that his prayer life was radically changed. In 2001 Prophet Hezekiah locked him in a room in his house for three days so he could pray and get revelation about his calling. Prophet Samuel saw a vision of South Africa. He didn’t know much about South Africa except he remembered when he was in School, parents had to pay money to fight Apartheid. He hid his revelaon from his mentor, because his heart was set on America. To his dismay, while at a conference, Prophet Hezekiah received a prophecy that “the young man in your house is hiding a revelation from you”. He was forced to confess.
In 2003 Prophet Hezekiah sponsored the young man’s trip to South Africa. When he arrived in South Africa he sll didn’t abandon his dream of leaving the connent. He attempted to go to Singapore but only lasted 30 days and he returned to South Africa. He became an illegal immigrant, struggling to make ends meet. He even became homeless and lived in a park aer he was evicted from his rental room.
Through the Grace of God, he met people who helped him in desny by providing him accommodation and giving him an opportunity to learn how to do hair. The enterprising and resourceful, Samuel started marketing in the streets for hair salons. He found creave ways to gain customers, and in 2005 he open his own Salon.
In 2004 God blessed him with a beauful wife, Eunice Akinbodunse. Prophet Hezekiah had prophesied that he will meet his wife. She appeared as it was prophesied. The marriage was blessed with three children and at the prompng of the Lord, they adopted two more children.
In 2004 he started doing outreach ministry, preaching and evangelising in the streets and holding prayer meengs in his shop. Soon word started spreading that there is a prophet whose word does not fall on the ground.







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