“The Seeding Time: A Time of Labour Without Result”

Planting seeds

Seed time is a time a man begins to develop his life. Your seed time is a time of development. This is not a time to be expecting harvest. It is the elementary part of your life. It is a time to search for opportunities. Seed time is a time of investment to do what is required for the future.

Seeding time is a time of labour. It is not a time of enjoyment. You cannot enjoy what you are plating at that moment. It is a hard time when people see you as nothing, when they will call you names and mock you. It is time you do something and it seems that it is not working and there are no results.

When you are in your seeding time, prayers are not answered. God doesn’t answer in seed time, because it is the time of sowing.

Seeding time is a time you need to look for opportunities to sow. This is time you don’t need to wait for people to ask or force you to render services. It is time to look for the kind of future you want to manifest and render services as a seed towards that future.

Don’t expect any man to praise you in your seed time. There are no praises attached to seed. The only time men praise you is when your seed brings forth harvest.

Don’t expect reward in your seeding time, your seeding season doesn’t bring reward. Your seed time is the time it seems you are all alone. It is a time you give all, but nothing comes in; you give offering but nothing comes free. You pay your tithe, and yet you get nothing. You fast and pray but nothing works. Seed time is a time of sacrifices.

In your seeding season, be very careful not to be in a hurry. When you are in a hurry in your seeding season, you can cut off the seed and destroy what you have sown. So, if you are not sowing your seed today, forget about life in the future. Nothing works out in your seeding time. Your seeding time is a time of labour without results.

‘Without sowing of seed, there will be no harvest.’ What are you sowing in your seeding time?

Samuel Akinbodunse

(Prophet, Author, Televangelist & Founder of Freedom For All Nations Outreach (FANO), Pretoria, South Africa.)

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