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  1. Lucky

    Good evening

    I just want to thank God for what he is doing in my life. Papa gave me a prophecy in July 2020 for a big turnaround and it manifested in August 2020. I thank God because of the life of my spiritual father Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse. From Lucky Ndokoane.

  2. Shirley Monageng

    I would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ,for using Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse to heal me from pains on my right side of the body.The pains were so intense that it was very hard for me to do household chores as a married woman and also I faced challenges at work because of the pains. As the man of God was praying and instructed us to pray as well, saying the prayer points of healing from past damages to our lives,I prayed as well in faith and immediately after some minutes I received healing in the name of Jesus. I am so happy and give all the honour and glory to our heavenly father.Father bless Prophet Akinbodunse and his family in Jesus name,Amen!!!!!

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